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TI Futures

Features and General Information

TI Futures In House Program is designed to develop players into Tier II hockey players.  Tomorrow's Ice is committed to skill development for hockey.

Overall Schedule

The program will begin in September and end at the end of February.  On most weeks, the program will feature two ice sessions in the form of an hour long skills session or practice directed by our coaches and a weekly hour long practice/game session.  

Practice  and game Locations

All practices and game sessions will be held at Ice World.

All Player Instruction

Age appropriate training and development curriculum will be followed. TI Futures will follow the principals set forth by USA Hockey's ADM model for each age group.  

Requirements to Play

All players need to have completed skating lessons and our Hockey Initiation Program before joining this program. 

We DO NOT provide gear, players are responsible for providing their own equipment. Gear required includes helmet, chest protector, elbow pads, pants, shin pads, skates, gloves and stick.


For questions or further inquiry, please contact AJ Cimaszewski, Program Administrator via email or Ed Slusher, Hockey Director via email.

Registration for TI Futures will be open until August 31, 2023.

TI FUTURES 9U-16U In-House

TI Futures In-House program is designed for players ages 9-16 years old, who are not ready to travel and players interested in staying local. We encourage you to stay on the ice with us throughout the winter to improve your skills. This program will incorporate a mix of skill while our focus will be individual development in a group setting.

2023/2024 Tuition: $1,095

  • 2 Practice/week September thru November
    • Monday's @ 6:50-7:50PM
    • Tuesday's @ 6:30-7:30PM
  • 1 Practice/week December thru February
    • Tuesday's @ 6:30-7:30PM
  • TI Future game jersey included (given out in December)
  • 10 games TIFHL beginning December
    • December - February Games are either Monday's or Wednesday's depending on their team schedule. (these games will change weekly to one of these two days - depending on the rotation of schedule)


Our Mite and Mini-Mite Programs are available for players between the ages of 4-8 years old, who have completed skating lessons and our Hockey Initiation Program. If you have questions about if this is the correct program for your new player, please reach out to our staff. All players require a USA Hockey Number.

Registration for our Mite and Mini-Mite program require the following registration.

  1. Register with Tomorrow's Ice (no fee) at We use this for ALL our communication.
  2. Register with Ice World (fees processed) -

Mite (3-Day Program)

2023-2024 Tuition: $1,295

  • 2 Skills/week (Labor Day thru Feb 28)
    • Tuesday Skills @ 5:30-6:30PM
    • Wednesday Skills @ 5:40-6:40PM
  • 1 Half-Ice Game/week (Sundays from 8:20-9:20AM)
  • TI Future jersey included

Mini-Mite (2-Day Program)

2023-2024 Tuition: $950

  • 2 Skills/week (Labor Day thru Feb 28)
    • Tuesday Skills @ 5:30-6:30PM
    • Wednesday Skills @ 5:40-6:40PM
  • TI Future jersey included

COACHING CONTACTS (please contact both)

Please copy both Ed and AJ on an email if you have questions about our Mite and Mini-Mite Programs.

Ed Slusher - & AJ Cimaszewski -

AJ Cimaszewski

TI Futures Fall/Winter Season Practice Begins!