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TI Futures Hockey League


Rangers Bruins Senators Canucks
A. McCubbin N. Meissner E. Woosley O. Young
A. Jones B. Boemmel S. Woosley E. Bonner
B. Lukas B. Ayd G. Lindauer B. Tyler
C. Derenick C. Keller J. Livingston C. Hobson
F. Hoenke C. Nickles J. Garner-McDonald C. Mosser
J. Doyle E. Kansler M. Patel J. Geary
J. Graff E. Parks N. Grubb M. McCartney
K. Peck E. Kerner O. Manns N. Marsteller
L. Fitzhugh G. Frey III P. Walsh P. Sherwood
L. Croucher T. Reynolds R. Metallo P. Blume
M. Scheidhauer H. Rickell R. Plotts R. Douglas
M. Pittman J. Brown S. Drake R. Calvin
G. Beck P. Doe S. Guilfoyle Z. Zhang
W.Hyman F. Shramek
Goalie C. Maxwell (Mon) Goalie Clayton Sowders Goalie Elek Lukas (Mon) Goalie KK Longdo
Goalie R. Ancinec (Wed) Goalie Aiden Giles (Wed)
Coach Andrew Coach Chad Coach AJ Coach Jared/Mike
  • Goalies - goalies with "Mon" will play on Monday's games and vice versa with "Wed". Goalies not playing that day are EXPECTED to skate as a player.
  • Minor trades may be made by October 20th to even out rosters, only to even out teams. Players will be notified.
  • Players will receive their game jersey on Nov 1st or 3rd.


Monday's - 8-9PM

Wednesday's - 6-7PM


W1 - Nov 1, 3 Rangers vs. Senators Bruins vs. Canucks
W2 - Nov 8, 10 Senators vs. Canucks Rangers vs. Bruins
W3 - Nov 15, 17 Senators vs. Bruins Rangers vs. Canucks
Nov 22, 24 OFF OFF
W4 - Nov 29, Dec 1 Bruins vs. Canucks Rangers vs. Senators
W5 - Dec 6, 8 Rangers vs. Bruins Senators vs. Canucks
W6 - Dec 13, 15 Rangers vs. Canucks Senators vs. Bruins
Dec 20, 22 OFF OFF
Dec 27, 29 OFF OFF
W7 - Jan 3, 5 POSTPONED: Senators vs. Canucks Rangers vs. Bruins
W8 - Jan 10, 12 Senators vs. Bruins Rangers vs. Canucks
W9 - Jan 17, 19 POSTPONED: Bruins vs. Canucks Rangers vs. Senators
W10 - Jan 24, 26 RESCHEDULED from 1/3/22: Senators vs. Canucks Rescheduled from 1/17/2022: Bruins vs. Canucks
W11 - Jan 31, Feb 2 Championship Consolation

Championship Rules

If two or more teams are tied, their position in the standings will be determined in the following order...

  • Most Points
  • Most Goals For
  • Least amount of Goals against


  • Seed #1 vs. Seed #2
  • Seed #3 vs. Seed #4