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Tomorrow's Ice Development Program

Summer 2019/2020 Season
2019/2020 Season x Regular Season Summer

TIDP Concept and Training Teams Program

The Tomorrow’s Ice Development Program (TIDP) is the latest addition to the Tomorrow’s Ice development options. The intent of the TIDP program is to:

  • Provide players with the personalized hockey instruction to develop the individual skills required to excel at higher competition levels.
  • Provide players with the competitive hockey opportunities, team structure, camaraderie, and team coaching to continue to achieve their hockey aspirations.
  • Provide players with a comprehensive training program that includes fitness, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and mental components essential for today’s aspiring athletes.

The TIDP Concept

TIDP is an additional Tomorrow’s Ice program. The TIDP is a complete hockey development model intended for aspiring hockey players. TIDP mirrors many components of the USA Hockey National Team Development Program model. The TIDP implementation varies by age group but shares a common core that consists of:

  • Regular team practice and/or training sessions from September through February of the hockey season.
  • Summer training and playing program.
  • Reoccurring group skill sessions.
  • “Mini-camps” in preparation for key competition events.
  • At least 16-20 league games and 3-4 tournaments/showcases competing against a mix of Tier II and Tier I opponents[1].
  • Off-ice fitness plans, nutrition and healthy lifestyle counseling, and team camaraderie exercises.

Target TIDP players

The TIDP teams are intended for high-level Tier II and Tier I caliber players aspiring to train in preparation for continued hockey advancement – Tier I, high school, prep, junior hockey, and college. For club players we view the TIDP as a transitional development model to prepare players for Tier I evaluations. For high school players we view TIDP as a club hockey alternative that allows players to continue to develop while playing high school during that competitive season.  

Age Group Teams

TI will field the following competitive teams and age groups in the following USA Hockey age classifications:

  • 10U[2] - skill training, team concept training, league and tournament game play. Designed as a supplement in addition to local winter club team.
  • 12U[3] - skill training, team concept training, league and tournament game play. Designed as a supplement in addition to local winter club team.
  • 13U[4]
  • 14U
  • 15U
  • 16U[5]
  • 18U

Competition/TI Selects

TI Selects teams[6] will participate in the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League (EJEPL) “Diamond/Platinum” divisions (“AA” minor/major year) in their respective age brackets when appropriate.

  • Each division of the EJEPL provides for approximately 16-20 competitions including EJ showcase tournaments and regular season game schedule.
  • The EJEPL has a playoff system and an all-star weekend. Teams that compete in the EJ are typically from the Mid-Atlantic (MD, VA, PA, NJ, metro-NY) and New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, VT, RI).
  • Regular EJEPL season games are split between home and away venues. Regular season games are typically played with teams within a two hour driving distance.
  • As part of the EJEPL league schedule, TI Selects teams will typically play a blend of both Tier II AA and Tier 1 AAA level competition.

Tournaments include the EJEPL showcase tournaments (August/October/location varies), and may include an additional EJEPL showcase and/or tournaments such as the CCM invitational (early November/Chicago), other Fall season independent tournaments, International Sliver Stick, a Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year tournament (TBD and team dependent), and a winter season tournament (TBD). A late/post-season tournament option and spring tournaments may also be presented on a team-by-team basis.

The Selection Process

In accordance with USAH Potomac Valley Hockey Association guidelines TI will not recruit players. TI intends to build teams using reputation, established relationships, and player/family-initiated inquires. TI will host evaluations and/or tryouts as needed.


TI will provide any player with the opportunity to be considered for team placement. TI uses the following criteria as part of their evaluation process:

  • That player loves the game of hockey and loves to play the game of hockey.
  • That player has played and performed at an elite level and or has shown the ability to do so.
  • That player has a solid hockey foundation and experience level.
  • That player has potential for further development and is ready for exposure to a higher level of competition, expectation, accountability, and training.
  • That player has intrinsic desire, motivation, and willingness to improve.
  • That player Is passionate about learning the game, being challenged, development of skill, and is driven by that passion.
  • That player has identified and fully expects to train for hockey improvement and development on a consistent basis.
  • That player has a previously establish player/coach relationship with one of our referring coaches.

[1] Specific to 13U through 16U teams only.  10U/12U teams are considered supplemental typically playing 16 league games and 2-3 tournaments/showcases.  18U split season is typically 10 league league games and 2-3 tournaments/showcases.
[2] 10U and 12U teams will compete in a full season league schedule as well as in a tournament(s).  This is in addition to playing with a primary regular season winter club team.
[3] 10U and 12U teams will compete in a full season league schedule as well as in a tournament(s).  TI will consider 9U and/or 11U teams with sufficient interest and when appropriate.  This is in addition to playing with a primary regular season winter club team.
[4] 13U players will be considered eligible for 14U competition. TI expects to field separate 13U and 14U TI Selects winter program teams.
[5] TI may field separate 15U and 16U TI Selects winter program teams with sufficient interest and when appropriate.  15U players will be considered eligible for 16U competition.
[6] 10U through 18U teams will compete in the EJEPL as part of the TI Selects winter team program.


TI Selects Winter Season Tryout Schedule


2019 TI Selects Winter Team TRYOUTS & EVALUATIONS

13U/14U (2006/2005) TRYOUTS

Saturday April 27th • Ice World
12:10pm - 2:15pm • Skills Assessment and Scrimmage

Sunday April 28th • Ice World
12:20pm - 2:30pm • Skills Assessment and Scrimmage
2:40pm - 3:40pm • GOALIES ONLY Skills Assessment (No Skaters)

15U/16U (2004-2003) TRYOUTS

Saturday April 27th • Ice World
2:25pm - 3:25pm • SKATERS ONLY Skill Assessment (No Goalies)

Sunday April 28th • Ice World
2:40pm - 3:40pm • GOALIES ONLY Skills Assessment (No Skaters)
3:50pm - 6:00pm • Skills Assessment and Scrimmage

Monday April 29th • Ice World
5:45pm - 6:50pm • Additional Tryout  
Possible consideration to be optional/invite only.  May extend to 13U/14U if needed.

18U (2002-2001) TRYOUTS

Saturday April 27th • Ice World
11:00am - 12:00pm • Skills Assessment and Scrimmage

10U/12U (2010-2007) TRYOUTS

Saturday April 27th  • Ice World
3:35pm - 4:35pm • Skills Assessment and Scrimmage

Saturday May 4th  • Ice World
4:45pm - 5:30pm • Skills Assessment


13U/14U/15U/16U - $150.00
10U/12U - $100.00
18U - $60.00

Associated fee is for one, both, or all tryout days (age group dependent).  Players are encouraged to attend all days.  TI Staff may consider offering prospects roster spot opportunities prior to one or both tryout sessions.

Tryout fee is non-refundable.

TI has limited full time roster spots available and may have already verbally committed roster spots to several candidates.  TI intends to build the most competitive group possible based on our established criteria.  This includes player and family commitment level.  TI reserves the right to deny participation to any player.  TIDP TI Selects will field teams playing at the AA level.

Please register for the tryout/evaluation sessions via the link below.

Tryout schedule subject to change.


The Registration "Tomorrow's Ice Development Program" is not currently available.

For questions or further inquiry, please contact Jason Slusher, TIDP Hockey Director via email or phone at 410-459-8887.

Mike Shramek, General Manager email or phone at 410-877-4808.

The Registration "Tomorrow's Ice Development Program" is not currently available.

TIDP TI Selects Tryouts


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