MAS Mission Statement

The Mid-Atlantic Selects is the spring hockey program of choice for serious players looking to improve their individual skills and team-concept understanding to prepare them for their home club tryouts and a more rewarding, exciting winter hockey season. Leading the way for the Mid-Atlantic Selects is a compilation of some of the region’s top hockey coaches and training instructors, who will work with players during team practices, skill sessions, and off-ice activities.

The program's intent is to provide players with high intensity, instructive, and enjoyable practices and skill sessions, culminating with appropriately challenging game competition through tournament play. The Mid-Atlantic Selects will field teams at the 10U through 14U birth years to compete in two spring tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic region. The MAS 16U birth year team will compete in one spring tournament. MAS will field Mite age Half-ice teams for 8U birth year players who will also play in one tournament.

The MAS methodology is very process driven and player centered on individual development. This is not to say that team concepts and play are not as important, rather MAS has a proven approach designed to emphasize this critical time of year for a players overall skating and skill level foundation improvement leading to greater success in the winter.