**Schedule is subject to change, although we do not anticipate this to be the case. When confirmed, the schedule will also be posted on the website calendar.

Please see schedule DRAFT below.   Use for purposes of reference only for the 2019 season at this point.  Subject to change pending final team count after evaluations.

MAS 10U through 14U teams will participate in our MAS North and MAS South practice model. The same consideration is given to 8U and 16U teams for North and South options on most weeks as well.

Designed with consideration for weekday logistics in mind.

"North" area rinks are typically identified as Ice World and Mt. Pleasant. "South" area rinks are typically identified as Navy, Laurel, Columbia. Other area rinks such as Reisterstown or Piney Orchard may be used to accommodate necessary ice needs.

Players are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all age level ice sessions during the weekdays that align with that players age group. In other words, players are welcome to attend either on or both North and South age group options on any given week...regardless of where you reside or consider "closer to home".  Players are expected to only attend practice sessions assigned to their designated team when indicated as such on the schedule.

Not all team only designated practices will be given the "North/South" consideration.

**Schedule is in DRAFT form and subject to change pending our final number of teams we will field as well as final rink ice time confirmation. Please use only as a reference.