Our Process...the DTC Way

As a goalie, we should be stretching before and after ice time, so the goalie is expected to be ready to go the second we touch the ice. Every skate will begin with 10-15 minutes worth of skating. Working on our edges and skating ability. Then we will move on and get started with the area of the game we are working on that particular day. We like to make this enjoyable while working hard so there will be some games or competition throughout the training process. With that said, we want to develop young goaltenders to be great goaltenders, so 100% work ethic is expected 100% of the time.

1. Watch the goalies movements, save selections, angles, and their hands.

2. Take what we have learned and apply our knowledge to the goalie. 

3. Through different drills and activities, we will enable a goalie to learn new skills and better able themselves to make more consistent saves. 

4. We will not move on from a certain area of a goalies game until we are certain they are making progress or understand exactly what they are doing. 

5. Once the basics are covered, we will begin to get into more advanced and complex drills to keep bettering the goalie. Always learning new skills. 


If if you've ever been to an NHL practice or watched an NHL goalie practice on YouTube, you will notice that they are always covering the basics. A solid base is needed to be successful so just because we get better, doesn't mean we stop practicing a certain area. We continue to get better and better in all aspect of our game.