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Ice World 3 v 3 Summer League

Ice World 3 v 3 Summer League by Tomorrow’s Ice

Stay on the ice this off-season and have fun working on your skills in a fun 3 v 3 setting. This change of pace off-season "league" is a great way to reset after the winter season and have a blast playing in a wide open setting.

Players will be divided into four teams and play once a week on Sundays from June 23th- Aug 4th. There will be 6 regular season games and playoffs the final week of the season. There will be two age division the junior division will be players between the 2007 and 2010 birth years and the senior division will be player from the 2006 and 2002 birth years. Games for the junior division will be between 3:20-5:20pm and the senior games will be 6:40-8:40pm.   

3 v 3 League will be managed by Tomorrow’s Ice and is a coed league for players ages 8-15 (TI reserves the right to permit or deny player eligibility).  There will be Junior and Senior game designations. Program highlights and features will include:

  • Coaches, Referees, and Score Keepers
  • Team Stats 
  • Both League are non Check Leagues
  • Emphasis will be on fast, skilled and FUN hockey 
  • Jerseys will be provided 

Dates: June 23th-Aug 4th
Days: Sunday Afternoon/Evenings
Times: Junior League 3:20 and 4:20; Senior League 6:40 and 7:40
Location: Ice World - 1300 Governor Court, Abingdon, MD 21009
Pricing: $200 per player before May 31st and $225 after May 31st (Goalies-$100).  $35 Drop In players 

Ed Slusher

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3 v 3 Summer League


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